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In our day and age, there are a wide variety of Jewish organizations out there, if they are cultural, secular, traditional for dating, or just to get Jews to party together. At the end of the day, the one thing that all of them can agree on is that they want to get Jews together. This goal but also challenge has been around forever but in our time it has often become even harder to get young Jewish people together in one place. What we have experienced is that during covid and lockdown, many people were looking for human connection, and in our case, it happened to be that many Jews decided to relight their Jewish fire. In the times after covid, Jews are trying to rally together and offer a space for people to meet and just to find a place where they can share their common culture.

Shabbatons are weekend-long events that bring together young Jewish people to celebrate the Jewish Sabbath, which begins on Friday evening and ends on Saturday evening. These events often include group meals, services, and study sessions, and provide an opportunity for participants to connect with other Jewish people their age, learn about Jewish traditions, and explore their Jewish identity.

Shabbatons are typically geared towards young adults and often focus on specific themes or interests such as music, culture, or social justice. They can be organized by synagogues, Jewish organizations, or individual groups, and are held in various locations such as campuses, retreat centers, or synagogues. Some of the most common types of Shabbatons are for students, young professionals, and young adults with specific interests or lifestyles like LGBTQ+ or outdoor enthusiasts.

Young Jewish people may find Shabbatons to be a meaningful way to connect with their faith and community. The events often provide an opportunity to learn about Jewish customs, traditions, and beliefs in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Many young adults find the Shabbatons to be a valuable experience that connects them to their heritage and promotes a sense of belonging among Jewish people.

Shabbatons can also be a great way to get Jews together, whether they are singles looking to meet new people, or families looking for a fun and engaging weekend experience. The events often foster a sense of community and belonging among participants, and can be a great way for young Jews to meet new people, make friends, and connect with others who share their values and interests.

Another way of getting Jews together is through Jewish social or recreational groups, such as hiking groups, book clubs, or cooking groups. These groups provide an opportunity for Jews of all ages to come together and socialize in a relaxed setting, while also exploring their shared culture and heritage. These groups can be organized by synagogues, Jewish organizations, or individual members of the community.

Lastly, many Jewish communities have also developed online platforms, groups, and forums to connect Jewish people and foster a sense of belonging and community. These platforms are a great way for Jews who may not live near a large Jewish population to connect with others and explore their culture and faith.

In conclusion, Shabbatons, social or recreational groups, and online communities, provide an opportunity for young Jewish people and Jews of all ages to come together and celebrate their culture and faith. These events and groups foster a sense of belonging and community and can be a valuable resource for young Jews as they explore and discover their identity. These types of events not only provide an opportunity to connect with other Jewish people but also provide an opportunity to explore Jewish culture and customs and gain a better understanding of their faith.

Shabbatons have been a great example of this, where an organization will organize a Shabbat weekend getaway where young Jewish people get to hang out together, practice some Jewish traditions and most of all connect with one another with a common culture. Our goal at Yallagan is to provide a space where more Jews can find an event that works best for them, where they can reconnect with their culture, history, and people while at the same time having some fun.

Shabbatons | Young Jewish people | Get Jews together

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