379 Hendon Way, Hendon, London, NW4 3LP

Aish UK exists to make the wisdom, depth and beauty of Judaism accessible to every young British Jew, from when they are about to leave home until they build their own, empowering young Jews to build a brighter future for the community. For the past 30 years Aish UK has aimed to inspire a deeper connection to Judaism and to ensure a vibrant future for the Jewish people. Through diverse educational opportunities, immersive experiences and enduring relationships we share the wisdom and beauty of Jewish faith, practice and community – connecting with as many young Jews as we can, whatever their background, from when they are about to leave home until they build their own. Today, Aish UK operates eight full time branches and provides educational opportunities at over 18 schools, 15 universities and 6 young professional hubs around the country, reaching and impacting thousands of young Jews each year. We also regularly distribute educational and video content through magazine publications, online and through our social media channels.

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